About Us

Hi – I’m Quenton Fyfe, and this website ElectricCarDriver.co.uk is my view of the UK Electric Car scene.

As a dedicated petrolhead, I didn’t expect to be interested in Electric Cars – I thought they were just slow, economical and boring – transport for people who didn’t care about cars.

But the launch of high performance electric cars like the Tesla Roadster and Model S, combined with my interest in new technology soon changed that.

Reading up online, I soon found that there wasn’t a site dedicated to Electric Cars in the UK, and I thought it would be fun to create one, with a mix of news, videos and longer feature articles about the cars themselves, and the technology behind┬áthem.

I’m hoping it’ll be of interest to existing drivers of electric cars, and to people wondering if an electric car is for them, and which one they should choose.

The site will cover both plug-in electric cars and hybrids, as well as anything else that I think might be of interest to current and prospective Electric Car Drivers.

With new cars being launched all the time, it’s an exciting subject and there should be plenty to talk about.

If you have any questions or feedback – I’ll be delighted to hear from you – please Get In Touch.