BBC Asks the Question – Hydrogen or Electric?

BBC article covering the Toyota Mirai is asking the question, is Hydrogen fuel cell better than Electric?

There’s a short video too:

Source – BBC News / © 2015 BBC

Interesting article – and worth checking out.

Not sure I’d agree with everything in the article and video though.  For example:

The Mirai costs $60,000 (£38,884) – but Rupert Wingfield-Hayes claims

“You can get a top of the range BMW 5 series or Mercedes E Class for less!”

I’d love to know where – because here in the UK, BMW want more than £58,000 for their 550i MSport – and that’s before you even look at the options list.  It might be more accurate to say a bottom of the range 5 series – the 520i is £33,130.

I’m also a bit sceptical of the claim made in the video, that the Mirai’s 300km (186 mile) range “doesn’t give you range anxiety”.  Perhaps ok in Japan – but if I was driving one here in the UK I’d certainly have range anxiety – I’m pretty sure it’s further than 186 miles to my nearest hydrogen filling station, and I can’t fill it up at home either.

But enough being picky about the article.  The important thing is, it’s great to see a hydrogen car being launched, and wonderful to see it at a sensible price.  Kudos to Toyota for achieving that – and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing one on the road here in the UK.