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Google’s Driverless Electric Cars Hit The Road

Google have announced that they are to begin testing their prototype driverless electric cars on public roads for the first time.

With a top speed of only 25 mph, and a design that’s as cute and non-threatening as a puppy, Google clearly understands the importance of public acceptance for its new vehicles, (especially after the less than enthusiastic reception that Google Glass received from some quarters).

The prototype vehicles have also been fitted with (removable) manual controls, so that a human driver can take over if necessary.

The self-drive system is the same as the one that has been tested in Google’s fleet of Prius and Lexus cars, over 1.7 million miles of autonomous driving.

Only 11 accidents have been recorded, all of them minor with no injuries, and none of them caused by the self-driving car.

Unfortunately there’s no word yet on when these new prototypes will appear in the UK – they’re being tested in Mountain View California, so you won’t see one driving past you in the UK for a while yet.

It’s noticeable that electric car technology and driverless car technology are both advancing very quickly – so it’s exciting¬†to see the first prototype driverless electric car make its public debut.

We’ll be keeping you up to date with¬†progress in driverless cars here on Electric Car Driver – since the two technologies are so complimentary.