Supreme Court Orders UK to Cut Pollution

Car ExhaustThe Supreme Court has ordered the UK Government to cut air pollution.

The UK currently breaches EU limits for the amount of NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) in the air in more than 16 cities and regions. NO2 is produced by emissions from diesel engines.

For many years, government policy has encouraged motorists to switch from petrol powered cars to diesels in an attempt to meet CO2 targets and tackle climate change.

This has been successful in getting motorists to switch to oil-burners, as according to figures from the Department for Transport, more than 50% of new cars registered in Britain are now diesels.

There will have to be a change of policy if the government is to comply with the latest ruling – as they will have to come up with new plans to meet pollution targets, and submit them to the EU by the end of the year.

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