Test Drive of a Petrol Car

Screen capture of article on Tesla Club Sweden websiteReally enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek Test Drive of an Electric Car from the Tesla Club Sweden.

Written in the style of someone trying out an Electric Car for the first time, the author’s mock surprise at the characteristics of petrol cars had me in stitches.  For example:

“So we sat in the car and pressed the START button. The car’s gasoline engine coughed to life and started to operate. One could hear the engine’s sound and the car’s whole body vibrated as if something was broken, but the seller assured us that everything was as it should”


“The seller looked very puzzled at us and explained that it is not possible to refuel gasoline cars at home, and there are no free gas stations. We tried to explain our questions, in case he had misunderstood”

There’s lots more like this – check out the whole article here: